Tuesday, 27 December 2016

5 Tips To Balance Blogging With Life When Nothing Seems To Go Right

Hi my lovelies!♥

As you might have noticed that I write to this blog pretty frequently. By frequently, I mean
daily. It takes a lot of work, but I am enjoying every minute.
There have been times when I haven't been feeling like I wanted to put together a post,
whether it's about negative feelings towards this blog and we all as bloggers know, how you
can have negative feelings to your blog. I've been there a couple of times. It happens when a
precious hobby of yours, starts to feel more like a job, or you just simply aren't feeling like a
blog is a thing you want to have in life. I tend to get these feelings about a twice a year, but
I've got over it because I simply just couldn't imagine my life without blogging.
It has become the part of my being, a part of who I am.

Sometimes, I also don't feel like blogging when negative things happen in my life.
But, I learned how to get over it very quickly, by reading one of my favorite books The Magic by Rhonda Byrnes.
8 months ago I was diagnose with a mild depression and anxiety, believe me wasn't easy, but I manage to pass that, thanks to God.

Because sometimes, life just happens and there's nothing you can do about it. Or can you?


This one has been a bit tough one for me lately. After everything that has
happened, through the massive stress, depression and anxiety, I lost my job, I was expecting it, but I wasnt at the same time.
I was working in a house as a maid basically, and they sold the house, I was very low, very sad, but God was good for me, gave me more jobs after 2 weeks, and I'm so thankful and grateful for that.
I've always been the person who leaves all the work stuff to work if something
happens at the end of the day.
Somehow, with all that stuff that happened I forgot it and it almost drove me nuts.
It also affected to my blogging motivation and that was kind of bad feeling I had
inside of me, to be honest. I was almost ready to quit. But I didn't and I'm so glad
I didn't. My fiancé helped me so much, getting up from the floor, and put my ideas to work, so here I am now!


For me personally, this blog is my happy place. It's a place where I can escape for
all the things I've got going on in my life, whether they're good or bad. I've grown
with this blog for four years now and I wouldn't change a day of it.
There have been months I haven't posted a thing, there have been months I've
posted daily. It's my little creative place where I can write about me and my feelings
towards stuff, write less-important stuff like make up reviews - everything between
the Earth and the Sky.
It's my little therapy corner.
I personally believe, that if you need a break - you should go for it.
I took a huge break after going to the hospital numerous times, because of my depression and anxiety. Not knowing basically what is wrong with you, its like losing the floor of your feet.
I took my break, went to see a specialist, gave me some medication, which I'm not ashame of, because it was the best thing that happened in my life, and I'm so happy to announce as well I'm off to the medication in 2 months. I am healed, happy, stronger then ever.


I've seen this so many times, there might be people who will disagree with me on
this - but trust me, there comes a time when you want to open a blogger and
WordPress and write your heart out. I had this feeling two weeks after my break
and oh boy how good that felt to write that I'm back.
I had this whole new point of the view to blogging and most importantly, the life.

I'm not saying that I'm completely over with everything I've had been through in
this life of mine, but I've decided to let go. There's a plenty of stuff going on where
you can't affect in any way, so why just don't go with the flow and play with the
cards you've been given.
At this point, I feel like I should say that you don't have to settle with the cards
you've been given, but you can change your attitude for how you're taking things
that life gives you.
It'll let you see everything from a new perspective in a long haul.

My point of this post is, that if it feels like nothing is going right - go left.
There's always stuff going to happen in life, if you feel like you need a break, don't hesitate
to take it.
If you feel like you've lost your motivation, take a break to find yourself as a blogger and
come back with a whole lot of new inspiration.
It seems like I'm saying this could be easy, trust me it's not - but it pays off and it's definitely
worth it.



  1. "There have been months I haven't posted a thing, there have been months I've
    posted daily" that's me :)



    1. Thank youth lovely for leaving a comment,you just made my day.. first one leaving comment only blog, I'm so grateful...


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