Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Blogmas Day 1 - Christmas is...

I know I am late to do this, but i will try my best to keep up ladies!

Christmas it's my favourite time of the year.
I can get the family together and be with them, share memories, laugh together, having a good time. Christmas is not all about the presents, it's about spending time with your loved ones, being grateful for every single one being around you, telling them and show them what they really mean to us!

Without my family I would be completely lost without a doubt. They are everything to me.
Christmas becomes even more fun, when we become parents, children are the best presents we could ask for. Seeing them opening their presents and seeing their faces so happy to receive what they asked for it's priceless. 
We all like to receive something in return when we give, but to me, receiving love, being with the ones I love, health and harmony it's everything.
Yes,I know we all deserve gifts, I would like all beauty stuff it's out there! But, I would rather waste all my money on my kids then buying something for me.

I love Christmas, I love being around my family, having fantastic food which my mum cooks every Christmas (Thank you mum), I love feeling the love coming from my family, I love dressing up, I adore the warmth feeling of being loved..

To me, a happy Christmas is being with my loved ones and make memories, how do you describe Christmas?

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