Thursday, 15 December 2016

Blogmas Day 12 - My Favourite Blog Reads

I've been trying to post every day in December so far, I know I'm late with the posts, but again being a mom it's not easy. Today's subject for the #BigBlogmasProject is about your favourite reads/what you're reading, however because I don't really get time to sit down with a book, I decided to share with you just a few of my favourite bloggers/blogs to read... Most of these blogs I have been following for a very long time now and I continue to read them every day! So here are just a few of my favorite blogs to read :)

I'm sure that most, if not all of my readers will be familiar with Victoria's blog! But if you're not - it's a blog featuring a little bit of everything, from her gorgeous DIY projects, bargain buys, cake making/decorating to fashion posts. I used to really enjoy reading all about the items she won from entering competitions, but I tend to read now more for the craft side of things. I love her fashion sense and style, and you can definitely see a lot of her personality through her blog design - which is super pretty! Definitely worth a follow if you're not already!

 Beautiful Solutions
Beautiful solutions is written by the beautiful Stacey, who is honestly one of the nicest ladies I've come across through blogging! She always keeps in touch and comments, every time you ask her something, which is nice to see from a blogger with so many followers - so thank you Stacey! Her blog design is gorgeous and she's just started offering her talent in a blog design service at Beautiful Solutions Blog Design - do check it out, the designs start from just £10 with free installation! Her normal blog is mainly beauty related, and her reviews are in-depth, detailed and honest - and her photographs are always so pretty! I'm pretty sure she posts a new review almost every day so there's always something new to read!

 Confessions Of A Small Town Girl
This blog is written by the lovely Charlotte, who is also one of the most friendly ladies I've spoken to through blogging! Her blog features a range of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts, I particularly enjoy reading her fashion and life posts, in particular her Cyprus wedding & planning/preparation and she created some lovely wedding invitations from scratch - do check that out for some inspiration if you're feeling a bit crafty! Oh, and finally, she's has an adorable, and I love cats, so its a must for me too!!

Blush + Bubbly blog it's written by the lovely Chelsea Annelise. I always adore her blog, she has great view on things, very girly, very romantic and elegant.
Always checking at her Instagram account to see more pictures of her posts. The way she captures her pictures its so perfectionist. It's definitely one of my favorite blogs so far.
So there are just a few of my favourite blogs/bloggers. There are many more, which ones are your favourite?


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