Thursday, 15 December 2016

Blogmas Day 13 - Our Christmas Tree

I went through a huge struggle when I was ready to put up a fully decorated Christmas tree into our living room, because we needed to buy a new tree, bigger one this time, plus decorations. We choose to decorate in gold and silver, just because it looks romantic, simple and gorgeous.
Our kids were so excited when we got the tree, the four of us putting the tree up and doing all the decorations was heart melting. My youngest who's 3 years old was so excited to plug in the lights, we got pure white LED ones, looks so bright, the way we like it.

So that's how it's looking like this year.

I've planned to buy a fur carpet underneath it, but all the presents under the tree we couldn't really see it, so we didn't bother much this year. We've also planned in getting bigger balls, but we'll see about that, I never became so excited about a Christmas tree before!

How does your Christmas tree looks like this year?


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