Thursday, 8 December 2016

Blogmas Day 3 - Christmas Home Decor Wishlist

If there's one thing I'm super happy about this year it's the fact that I'm more passionate in decorating my house with my kids for the festive period! I have always loved Christmas decorations, and I loved putting up the Christmas tree at home and how cosy and lovely everything feels around this time of year - so this year I'm happy to be doing again  with my kids, but this time we got a bigger tree, and new decorations, so it was very excited for them.

Although we have already bought our new Christmas tree and the decorations, I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you all a little Christmas home decor/decorations wish list...

6 LED Hanging String Heart Light 
There's not more Christmassy than having lights all around the house, kids loves it. This gorgeous hanging string heart light will do the job, it's so gorgeous and romantic at the same time.

Christmas Pillow 2016
To add a bit of Christmas to the lounge I thought we could get some pretty cushions. I would really like some for this Christmas, because they look really cosy and comfy. Went online on Amazon and saw this one, I love the color, reminds of Christmas. Amazon has tonnes of other beautiful Christmas products for the home too!!

LED Christmas Tree
Isn't this just totally adorable?! I literally think I just fell in love with this LED Christmas Tree. I love the lilac color,it's so gorgeous. If I had a fireplace that would be the place for this Christmas tree. It would make the room so cosy!

Christmas Glass Decorations
I found this one on Amazon, like I said, they have fantastic Christmas decorations. It's so cute,and so different... Having a glass of champagne with this decoration on your glass it's a must!

Christmas In Heaven Tree Decoration
Again Amazon has amazing decorations, and saw this one which caught my eye immediately.. So cute and romantic.

Purple Christmas Tree Baubles
I love purple color, so this tree baubles would be a winner for me, but unfortunately we decided to decorate our tree in gold and silver. But next year I need this baubles.

Acrylic Reindeer With Sleigh Ornament
How cute is this one? My kids would love this one, especially my youngest, but it would last 5 minutes in his hands.. Love the colors, so gorgeous and cute!

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