Monday, 12 December 2016

Blogmas Day 6 - 10 Reasons Why I Love Christmas

As you might remember from my Blogmas Day 5 I posted yesterday, I promised to share with you why I love Christmas so much, so I came up with the idea to post 10 reasons why I love Christmas. I mean, Christmas is hectic and everyone is rushing around the city trying to find perfect gifts and preparing for the fact that the food markets are closed for the most part of the holidays. It's also important to keep calm and remember the reasons why you're going through all that hard work that makes Christmas Christmas.

So here we go, 10 reasons why I love Christmas.

#1 Being Together With The Family

I absolutely love the fact that families spend time together during the Holidays. Normal day schedule is so busy and everyone are minding their own business so it doesn't leave much time to hang out with the family outside of work hours or other activities. During Christmas, this usually changes and you'll see your family enough for the next year.

#2 The Food

I am a big fan of Christmas food. I always prepare dinner with my mum, we always get together this days, and it's so overwhelming, all this memories comes through our minds when me and my brother we're little. I am Portuguese so we cook a lot, and spend the rest of the night eating, oh well who doesn't!

#3 Forgetting The World

Christmas is one of that rare couple of days when you're allowed to forget everything and concentrating on the good times with your families and make great memories. Enjoy being together with your family and forget everything from the work and other things that might be happening in your life at that moment. it's so refreshing and it sure does make you feel more prepared for that non-special days after Holidays.

#4 Gifts

One of my favourite part, I love giving gifts. I usually make my gifts meaningful and with heart, because I don't want to give out something I feel like the receiver won't need or enjoy. I'm all about those sentimental gifts. And to me what really matters is the meaning of the gift and not the price.

#5 When You Don't Have To Do Anything Or Really Be Anywhere

This is something I really enjoy about Christmas. You don't really have to do anything if you don't want to. It's a little vacation you can enjoy alone, or with your family, and just casually watch all those Christmas movies, eat as much as sweets as you want and the best part? It's having a good time with your loved ones!

#6 The Smell Of Christmas

Christmas has it's own smell. I know that you know what I mean.. Everywhere you go, has that smell and touch of Christmas!

#7 Hot Chocolate

I tend to drink hot chocolate during Christmas more than usually. Wrapping up in my pyjamas drinking hot chocolate. Oh Christmas, could you be here already?

#8 Spoiling My Kids

Christmas is that time of year where I don't mind spending whatever on my kids. My eldest wants a Nintendo 3DS this year and we got him one plus a game.. I know he's going to love it. For my youngest got him a table with a chair attached, comes with pictures to paint and crayons, from Paw Patrol I know he's going to love it as well, plus a board from Paw Patrol where he can write and draw whatever he wants. I just like to spoil them. But for me what really matters it's not material thing it's the love that I give them every day.

#9 Annual Christmas Dinner At My Mum's

My mum prepares annual Christmas dinner every year for all of us. We always spend Christmas together, 24th, 25th we get together to fill our stomachs with her amazing food, watch movies together, telling jokes and laugh till we cry and this is one of those moments when I'll think about how family is important to me. And I'm so grateful to still have my parents by my side. It's so much fun. I always look forward for this time of year.

#10 The Fact I Learned To Love Christmas Again

I always loved Christmas, but when we moved to England in 1998, Christmas was sad, and not the same.. I missed the rest of the family! But as I got older we got used to the idea of being just the 4 of us, me, my ,brother, my mum and my dad plus our cats. It was fun as well. Then I became a mother and it was even more funnier, with a baby around the house, everything change, and now Christmas it's even more special, because family it's growing and is becoming more and more special and more fun.


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