Monday, 12 December 2016

Blogmas Day 7 - 5 Things I Don't Like About Christmas

Hello everyone!

As you can see from the header of this post, is going to be exactly what you think it is. 5 things I don't like about Christmas. It's not Christmas Eve, though, despite the catchy click-baiter header, it's about Holidays in general.
I thought this would be a fun, and interesting Blogmas thing this year and don't worry guys, I haven't completely lost it. Just posted about 10 reasons why I love Christmas so it's not all bad at all. I love Christmas as much as I do later this month.

#1 Gift Shopping

I've got a hate-love relationship with Christmas gift shopping. it can sometimes be stressful and it's taking a hell lot of money to commit.
Imagine yourself at the shop not knowing what to buy for your beloved one or your family, a total disaster.

#2 Going To Food Market A Day Before Christmas
Christmas Eve is the day when shops are closing their doors for a couple of days. It's a total disaster. People are running aimlessly around the food market, trying to fill their carts as full as they can and be the first ones on the cash line. The lines at the butches are ridiculous long, people take hours to buy a simply turkey for dinner. Things do get crazy at the food stores around the Holidays.
It's absolutely insane!

#3 When Everything Is Around Spending Money
Christmas is all about spending money nowadays. People need to get everything they can and they have to spend everything they have to make their close ones happy. Why so? When did those boards games and good company for dinner for forgotten? That's all I ask. I hate how commercial Christmas has got.

#4 My Cats
As much as I love my cats, I hate them when it comes to this time of year.. Well, just because they take all the Christmas decorations off the tree, they scratch the paper from the presents, they take the bows of the presents.. Just a nightmare.. But, they are cats, being cats, there's not much I can do.

#5 Knowing That There's Plenty Of Children & Families Who Can't Afford All These Christmas Things
I mean, there's families who can't afford to have a tree in their home. There are families whom Christmas dinner is the mac & cheese.
There are families whom children can't have gifts for Christmas when everyone else is hyping their new iphones and things over at the social medias.
There are families who just can't have it all. I absolutely hate that.
Maybe I'm over thinking this, but it's a real thing and if you possibly can imagine yourself for buying a present this Christmas for a kid who's not going to receive any. There's plenty of charities during Christmas and doing the good thing around Holidays, makes you feel so much better.

Is there anything you don't really like about Christmas?

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