Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Magic - By Rhonda Byrne

About two weeks ago, I started a new journey of my life and decided to read The Magic, By Rhona Byrne.
It is a book about blessings and how grateful we must be for the smallest thing we have in the world.
The book has practices for 28 days, which every day you should do different practices. For example, Day 1 Counting your Blessings. Every day you must write 10 things you are grateful for, and explaining why. At the end, of each sentence you should say THANK YOU three times. You can read your blessings out loud or to yourself. So, every day you must write 10 blessings, why are you grateful for and in the end, say thank you three times. This practice you should do every day for 28 days. Day 2 The Magic Rock, you need to find yourself a rock, and become your magic rock, which every day for 27 days at the end of the night, right before you go to sleep, you hold your magic rock in your hand, think about the most grateful thing it happened on that day and say thank you.

The next 26 days you con­tinue to do your morn­ing rou­tine and night rou­tine cou­pled with a daily exer­cise. This process really made me think and feel dif­fer­ent lev­els of grat­i­tude and really opened my eyes to how much I took for granted. The fact that I am healthy, have a roof over my head, have a very sup­port­ive fam­ily and great group of friends. I have so many bless­ings that I never even think about or even real­ize how much of a gift they are to me every day.

There are so many dif­fer­ent lessons in this book that really opened my eyes. Learn­ing some of it already really has helped me be more pos­i­tive and helped with cou­pling the law of attrac­tion and grat­i­tude together.

I am on practice 8, and I can say
that I became a better person, I believe in gratitude and by reading this book I have seen some changes in my life and in me as well.

Over­all I am really enjoying this book and I feel more at peace inside. I have wit­nessed some pos­i­tive bless­ings in my life, have more love and sup­port from fam­ily and friends and over­all have grown I feel as a per­son. I have become a bit more hum­ble, less self­ish and learned to be thank­ful for the
world I live in, the peo­ple I am sur­rounded with and the love from above that shines on me every day. What used to make me mad, it doesn’t bother me anymore. I don’t give much more importance about some things or some people that I used to do, and was putting me down all the time. What I simply ask myself is “Is that person really important to me to make me feel this bad? Is it worth it?” when I started thinking that way, I changed myself completely, because nothing should bring us down, and we all have to be grateful for every little thing we have. Even if it’s a negative situation, we must look at the positive side of that negative situation and be grateful for it!

Hope you liked my review so far on this book. I recommended to every people who has troubles in life, believe in yourself, be grateful for it, always.

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