Friday, 6 January 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit Review + Swatch

Hi muffins!

When i posted a picture of this gorgeous palette I mentioned it, I was going to do a review very soon, so here I am!
What can I say about this beauty? Well it was one of the surprises by my lovely fiancé  I did not expected at all, because it does not exist in the UK yet, so he ordered from America. I mean what a sweet heart! He knew how much I wanted and he got for me, together with my precious Michael Kors Selma bag and my favorite perfume of all time by Lancôme.

 Anyways lets do the review on Anastasia Berverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit. 
First of all I think everybody knows it how gorgeous this Glow Kit is, it's so different from anything we’ve seen from Anastasia Beverly Hills and any other brand. This Glow Kit contains six metallic powder highlight shades that are all incredibly pigmented. The palette has cool-toned shades, but I still think it would be suitable for any skin tones. I have light/medium warm undertones and I find the shades quite flattering. The highlight shades are extremely unique, the colors in the palette range from whites to purples and they actually have a duo-chrome metallic finish! I know, it's incredible right?


The Glow Kit has 6 shades which are:

Blue Iced - looks white, but when applied, it has a gorgeous blue tone to it. Amazing right?
Star - looks grey, but appears silver/blue when applied.
Purple Horseshoe - looks purple with glitter, but when applied has a gorgeous arctic blue reflect.
Pink Heart - looks Pearl white, but when applied has a pink opal reflect.
Lucky Clover - looks white, but actually has a light metallic green finish when applied.
Blue Moon - looks lilac, but when applied has a silver reflect to it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills it's a cruel free brand, which is a must for me. Anything to protect the animals!
These highlights are super pigmented and so beautiful.  My favorite is, well to be honest all of them. I can already tell that the Moonchild Glow Kit is inspiring me to step outside of my comfort zone in regards to makeup, which is honestly amazing.
Now that you’ve read my review and seen the swatches, I’d love to know – would you wear these daring highlight shades?
And which one is your favorite? Thanks for reading!


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