Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Spiritual Equilibrium

Hello lovelies,

After reading The Secret and The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, made me a different person. Made me believe not to take everything so serious.
We have to live today and not thinking about tomorrow, thinking of tomorrow, we are losing the best of today. Live day by day, stop thinking about what will happen in 2,3 or 5 years, because when we reached there, and look back we can't go back and live what we have lost thinking of 5 years ahead. 

For example make a list of 5 things which are important to you. The top one should be your priority, so work hard to get that. And then work your way down, have some equilibrium, try not to do everything at once, because you end up not doing anything. Put aside everything which is toxic and concentrate on the good, everything you are grateful for.

If you are in some sort of "trouble" in your life, don't give up, in every bad situation, look for the good thing in it. Learn from it, have equilibrium and everything will be fine in the end. Every bad situation happens for a reason, maybe it wasn't suppose to be like that, but it turn out to be, so we can learn something from it or maybe it happened so we can open our eyes, and see for ourselves that every bad situation is not as bad as we think. Sometimes we make things looking worst than what it seems, so we need to learn to control our equilibrium, our emotions. 

Where can I get my equilibrium from?
Well there are many ways, you can meditate, you can do some yoga, pray, some sort of exercise, read a book, listening to music, watching an inspirational movie. Believe it or not, but sometimes movies brings bad influence to us. If it's an horror movie, we keep those horrible images to ourselves instead of the good ones. So I prefer the inspirational movies, romantic ones, some sort of movies which I can imagine my life to be, and every time I think about it, it will make me happy.

Stop bringing bad energy to your life!
Now this one will be your first priority in order to bring the good energy to you.
Like I said, not every bad situation is bad. Stop and think about it. Think about a bad situation in your life which is happening at the moment, now stop, and think about the good things in that bad situation. Even if you learn something from it, or for instance you stopped talking to someone because she was a bad influence in your life, or because she tried to put you down several times, now think about one or two good things about that person, did she helped you in your life? Remember about a good and happy memory about that person.

Remembering the good in every bad situation, will transform that bad feeling, into a good one. And instead of bringing more bad thoughts to you, bad feelings to your life and bad energy, will simply transform into a good energy the minute you take your mind of the bad and concentrate on the good.

Was it simple? Maybe not, but you will get there. Everything will become easier for you, with practice. All you need to do is practice your thoughts. 
Every time a bad thought comes to your mind, immediately switch to a good one, remember about happy memories, happy episodes in your life, someone you love. Train your mind to think about the good only. Good thoughts will bring happiness to your life, good thoughts will bring good energy to you.

How many times we are talking to a friend, and then she just changes conversation about someone else? She says how horrible she is, she done this and that, etc. The minute someone says that, you flip the story and bring the good back to it. Remember that person, the times the other person was good to her, what she has done for her, only good thoughts, the minute you do that, you instantly flip from a bad thought to a good one. Always practice the good.
Make yourself the better version of yourself. Help others to become the better version of themselves, but in order to do that you need to learn your equilibrium. I learned to be grateful about every little thing in life, even if it's something really small. We all need a limited things in life, sometimes we just need to turn our back on the bad things. We need to set priorities in life, analyse every situation, use your equilibrium.

Let's make a priority here and now, Your priority will be today. Live today, love today, leave tomorrow behind, What's more important than today? We live our lives thinking about tomorrow, and then today gets lost. And tomorrow, we think "Why didn't I live yesterday?"
So make today your priority, your main priority!

Hope you liked my post today, all I want to do is help some of you, with what I know and learned for myself.
Thanks for reading. God bless you all.


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