Saturday, 7 January 2017

Too Faced Sweet Peach Review

Hello lovelies, 

As you all know I received my lovely Too Faced Sweet Peach on Thursday. Who follows me on Instagram knows how excited I was, and I promised to do a review soon, so I couldn't wait and here I am.

The package itself it's like the other Too Faced chocolate bar palettes, but the smells it's even more sweeter. It smells of peaches, I mean, I read this before, but I couldn't believe until I got it in my hands. I order it from American, because it wasn't in stock in the UK. After I ordered, Debenhams noticed that the palette would be in stock in 3 days, I mean really? You actually waited until I ordered from America to have it in stock? Anyways, was it worth the waiting? Yes it was!!

So let's do the review on this baby!
When you open the palette up, before you can even take a look at the shades, your nose will thank you by the smell of delicious peaches. I love the chocolate bar palette, because it smells heavenly, and this one smells even yummier to me. I absolutely adore the scent of peaches.
Next you’ll probably notice that this palette is laid out a bit different than other Too Faced palettes. Normally, the other palettes from Too Faced have 2 longer shades, so the palette only has 16 shades, while this one has 18 shades, all in the same sized pans. I personally like this lay out so much better. Less space taken up equals more shades. It’s so rare that I would ever go through a shade that the longer ones normally are, so I definitely prefer to have more shades to play around with.

I do enjoy that there are lighter and deeper shades in this palette. When we call a palette "the perfect palette", in my opinion has to be perfect to create daytime and night time looks. Many palettes just kind of skip on the deeper tones.  There are 4 true matte shades in this palette, but I've notice that the white peach can be blended out to a matte if needed, so more like 5 mattes, which is pretty decent, in my opinion. I love matte colours, just because in my opinion looks more elegant to me.

The colours are very pigmented, like the other Too Faced palettes. Since I received this palette I am trying to figure out which one is my favourite, but I can't. All colours are gorgeous to me.
This is such a playful, but really practical palette that has soooo many look possibilities and colour varieties. Every single shade is wearable, and the smoothness of the application makes it a pleasure to apply. I only used twice, since Thursday, and all I can say it's worth buying it. 

Overall, even though it's peach themed, the colours have a lot of neutrals in it which you can use everyday. Some people complained that it doesn't have enough peach shades for a peach themed palette which makes sense, but I find this useful if you are not someone who has a lot of palettes. It's got enough colours to get you brown neutrals for everyday use, peachy/ pink  for times when you want to look more feminine and those dark purples would be great for a smokey eye look.

You can buy it from Debenhams for £39.00
Hope you found my review informative, and will lead you to the right choice. Thanks for reading!



  1. Great post Rafaela, your making me excited to try mine out <3

    1. Hi babe, well you should.. its so gorgeous! I hardly regret myself from buying makeup, but too faced its definitely my favourite brand so far! thanks for commenting, means a lot to me


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