Sunday, 12 February 2017

February Glossy Box Review

Hello my lovelies, 

I've got excited news for you my lovely ladies, I am so happy and so excited I am just lost in words about it. So here it goes, I've got a message on my Instagram account last week from Lancôme, yes Lancôme, you read it right, asking me to give permission to use some of my pictures on their website, social media, adverts etc. I was stunned by it. I had a rough week and believe after receiving this message, I just said to myself  "God is good", and he truly is. Being a mom it's not always keeping up with your Instagram account and blog, but I do work hard on it and it's paying of. I never thought this could even happen to me, well I know, I have to trust in me more. And I want to thank every single one of you for it. 

Anyways, enough chatting!

I always wanted to have a subscription box and I chose Glossy box, just because it is amazing, the products are amazing, amazing quality, amazing brands, and the boxes itself, well so cute!
Since it's my first subscription box it really deserves a review about it.

When the mail man knocked on my door and I first saw a gorgeous pink box, I was so excited, like a child on Christmas Day. 
I opened the box, and there it was the cutest box in baby pink colour, with a white top and black stripes written in baby pink "LOVE" as for Valentine's Day. So cute isn't?

So when I opened the box I was even more stunned. The box contained:

- Jeanne Arthes L'Eau de Rose
An amazing perfume from Grasse, very modern look with an elegant French twist. It's very feminine, baby pink colour, smells amazing. Has a fresh scent, very light smell. It's very dreamy. It retails for £20 and you can purchase it at

- La Theorie Des Volcanes - Noir Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub

When I picked this up I honestly thought it was a hand cream because of the size 30ml. But it really is a face scrub. I open it and smells amazing, not like the ones we are use to. I mean, smells like perfume to be honest. I just can't wait to use it. It really looks amazing. It's rich in minerals, promises to clean and purify the skin. It's enrich with anti-ageing ingredients. It is pink in colour, which is unusual for a face mask, and then turns it to grey when it's dry. How cool is that? It's paraben and silicone-free, vegan and 90% natural. It retails for £26, bit pricey, but it sounds amazing. You can purchase it at

- Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strength Restorer Balm

This hair mask is amazing, I did received it with My Little Box, and I used it straight away. My hair was not just smelling amazing, but was very shiny, very soft. I do recommend this hair mask ASAP ladies, it's really good. Because it has honey it will leave your hair nourished and glossy. Just leave it for 1-5 minutes and rinse it.
It retails for £4.49, not pricey at all and it's so worth it. You can purchase it at

- Ciate London - Paint Pot in Fade to Greige
I've been wanting to buy a nail varnish from this brand for such a long time, and when I opened the box and saw it, I couldn't believe it. It has a gorgeous taupe colour, it really is my favourite colour, only because you can use it at summer time and winter time. Taupe it's a beautiful violety-grey colour and it's very modern and very flattering as well.
It retails for £9, and you can purchase it at

- MDMFlow Semi-matte lipstick

I was so excited to see this lipstick inside of the box. I've been having an eye for this lipstick for quite sometime, opening the box and seeing it there, it was like winning the lottery.
The colour is Bossy, it's a gorgeous taupe colour as well, love this it's one of my favourite colours when it comes to lipsticks, and being matte it's a winner for sure. How cute is the package, I have never seen anything like it. Like it says on one of the notes on the box "the metallic gold bullet means you can always find it in your makeup bag." so true!
It's quite pricey, it retails for £18 and you can purchase it at

So this is it ladies, I hope you liked my review on my be loving Glossy box. Let me know what you think please. Thanks for reading!



  1. You've received some incredible products there! That MDMflow lipstick looks incredible!

    1. Yes,it's very pretty.. as such a gorgeous color. Xx

  2. I've gone off my glossybox and birchbox now! I personally hated the lipstick and found the formula to be horrible and really drying! Agree the packaging is cute though! I got the ciate nail varnish in iced frappe though and it's stunning !

    Stacey x

    1. It was my first box ever, so I got really excited with all the goodies.. I haven't tried the lipstick yet, but I will do it soon and I will let you know babe.. yeah you are right the ciate nail varnish is gorgeous.. only thing I used in the box straight away really! Thanks for the comment xx


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