Thursday, 2 March 2017

Things I'm Loving So Far This Year

Hi ladies, 

First of all I want to apologize for being so absent, I had some trouble with my Instagram. I downloaded an app to see who was unfollowing me, but i had trouble with it. Over the sudden just started to unfollowing people, I wasn't doing anything, it was simply the app. Spoke to some bloggers about it, and they know people who had the same trouble, it sounds hard to believe, but its the truth. So be extra careful with the app you do install on your phone, especially the ones for Instagram. I lost over 80 followers in 2 days, I was so upset that I simply just stop doing posts and had to take some time for myself. I had to delete every app, do the reset on my phone and apologize to people about it. So if i did unfollow you for no reason just get in contact with me please.

I have been working on myself as well, I've been eating healthier and doing some exercise. If I don't do it, no one else will! 

So anyways, now that I have apologized to all of you, and back on the game, I have decided to do a post on the things I am loving so far this year.

Anxiety/ Depression

About a year ago, I was diagnose with anxiety/depression, worst time of my life. Chest pains, feeling breathless, left side numb, no energy, crying all the time for no reason, and having no energy for my kids, was killing me. In one week, went 4 times to A&E, so they said it was anxiety/depression. Starting my anti-depressants, and got everything under control, felt like a new person. After nearly a year my anxiety/depression has been controlled now, thanks to my anti-depressants. At the beginning I was a little unsure to take the medication, because I did not want my body to get used to and not living without it, but that was a mistake. My body did not get used to, and the doctor has cut out the dose from 20mg to 10mg. Then went back to see how I was doing and she told me to take one day yes, no day no for a month. A month passed, went back to see her, she wanted to stop, but I don't feel comfortable stopping for now, so I will take for one week one day yeas and two days no, and second week, one day yes and three days no, and then stop completely. It will be a challenge, because I don't want to feel the same symptoms like before but I can't wait to stop with the medication as well!

I've been exercising all my life, but since having kids it is not so easy to find time to do it.
Since the time is so short me and my fiancé decided to do T25 together, after the kids go to bed. I am eating healthy as well, and as helped like crazy, with my moods, and my body as well. When you do exercise and eat healthy you feel better about yourself inside and out, and that's what I want. I want to feel better for myself and have lots of energy with my kids. When I found out I had depression, one of the things the doctor told me to do was exercising. Exercising is not just to gain muscle or to lose weight, it is the best medicine to release stress. At the end of the day my stress level it's really high, I mean I am a mom of two boys, and have to do everything by myself because my fiancé arrives home from home late, it's very stressful, but I do have routines for everything and that's how I cope with every situation by myself. Anyways, after having a healthy dinner, we watch TV with the kids, then they go to bed and by 21h its our time, time for exercising. It's only 25 minutes, we've been doing for nearly two weeks and I can already see the differences. You can see the pictures I have been posting on Instagram. When you do see differences it makes you do more. If you are a mom like me and don't have enough time to exercise I do suggest T25.

Skinny Tea By Team Blends
First time I saw detox teas adverts I did not believe in any of it. I always thought it was a way of getting money from people. But the very first time I saw Teami Blends I felt like it was different in a way, and wanted to try for sure. I started to follow them on Instagram, and all those before and after pictures made me try it. The taste it's not bad at all, feels like you are drinking water basically, has no strong taste or smell. You should drink twice a day, but you can use the same leaves up to 3x, so it is not bad at all. First week of drinking the tea, I couldn't believe it how much my waist and my stomach was down and define. Doing the T25 and drinking Teami Blends tea it's my secret. I never had a huge tummy or stomach, not even when I had my sons, but was feeling bloated all the time, and trust me this tea is my favourite and the only one I drink. You will be amazed with the results.

This hobby has become my favourite after exercising. I never used to read, with children around I always find it hard to do it, but since my eldest started school, he's in year 4 now, such a big boy, he always brings books to read from school and he loves it. Since watching videos from my favourite blogger ByFafella I have been reading more and it has become my passion ever since. 
I have read The Magic and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, I do have a review on The Magic, and at the moment I am reading The Power Of Now. I haven't been reading for about two week, (what a naughty girl) because I have been concentrated on my health. But I do have to get back on it, it's so relaxing and just love it.

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Perfume
My fiancé knows my taste when it comes to perfumes, so last Christmas he surprised me with this amazing perfume, has become my favourite of all time. I could not believe when I opened a black and red box, there was my favourite perfume, with little presents, such as a small version of the perfume, and a red lipstick from Lancôme as well. I mean it wasn't just one present in a box, it was three. Love the smell, has such a sweet smell, it's elegant and sexy. So womanly. I just love it.

Black Boots
I have brought this boots about a week ago, and I love it. I love walking and feeling comfortable, I hate shoes which I can barely walk in. This boots was the best buy since last year. So warm, comfortable, stylish, has two different materials, girly, the best footwear for a mommy like me. Makes run around outside with my kids, without hearting my feet. Best buy so far.

 Kathleen Illuminating Serum
Where can I start? I do have a review on this beauty, and my blog was announced on their blog, which was an honoured for sure. This is the best moisturizer/serum I have ever used in my life. Leaves my skin so soft, so smooth it's unbelievable. It has a nice scent of olive oil, but it's not strong, the smell does not stay on your skin. Only two pumps and it's enough to cover your face. The only down side it's the price, but it is worth it. So if you are looking for a moisturizer/serum, which can help you with marks on the face left by any spot or something else, this will disappeared within a week, I know, because it happened to me. I had an allergic reaction on my chin, and left me with some scars, so after using this magical serum, everything disappeared within a week. I do highly recommend this.

 Michael Kors Selma Bag
Now this one it's an expensive thing to love. My fiancé surprised me with my gorgeous and wanted for soooo long Michael Kors Selma Bag. I always wanted just one branded bag, I mean I don't need a bunch of them. Because Michael Kors it's my favourite brand of all time, I wanted a bag from them really bad. After receiving a watch from Michael Kors, I felt in love with their brand immediately, so again my beloved fiancé gave me one of their watches for Christmas about 3 years ago. So last Christmas was definitely my Christmas. After receiving my favourite perfume from Lancôme, there was another huge box, standing there waiting for me to open it. I nearly cried when I opened the box, I was just lost in words really. I couldn't believe it. 

So this is basically what I am loving so far this year. I know I had no makeup involved, probably because it is not my priority anymore. I used to like it so much, and end up buying more than I use. My interests this moments are more lifestyle and fitness than beauty. I am even considering changing the name of my blog. I think that with time you do end up loosing a bit of certain interests. It is my opinion.

Anyways, hope you liked it, and let me know what you are loving so far this year as well.
Thank you for taking your precious time and read my post.



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