Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Best Drugstore Beauty Finds

Hello beauties,

A good drugstore beauty product isn't always easy to find! I normally tend to get overwhelmed and either buy what's recommended to me or purchase based on brands that I know. I'm going to be talking about the best beauty finds at the drugstore today! A post that normally people asking to do, because not everyone's life are the same. To be honest I used to purchase a lot products especially makeup from high end, and I had a few let downs, so I promised myself to purchase more of drugstore rather then high end, because will be suitable for everyones pocket and mine as well!!

Let me tell you about a program I saw on TV about a month ago.
It was about drugstore vs high end makeup, it was the kind of program I always wanted to see, just to make sure that I was always right. They have done a research on several products form high end and drugstore, ingredients, quality, duration of the product on the face, well you name it!
Well, I was speechless after seeing the program. Basically all the products you see from drugstore and high end are the same. Yes you read it well THE SAME! What is really expensive is the name brand. Because the products are the same. One day my fiancĂ© told me that and I did not believe in him, till I saw the program. The have done a research about waterproof mascara. They tested several mascaras on several people, from different brands, and they went on water for one hour. Well, the most expensive one was £38, crazy right? And the cheapest £3.
 Probably you are not going to believe in me when what am I going to tell you now, the most expensive one was in last place, yes, last place.. The best waterproof mascara there is its from Loreal. Isn't that amazing? So ladies, if you are struggling sometimes to buy expensive makeup, its not always worth it, and there is a lot to choose from and better quality. 

I know we all have different opinions, thats ok, not everyone is the same, this is my opinion and thats ok too. Many of you wont agree with this, thats fine, but it was tested and it was on TV. 

Anyways... Lets get back to the post, shall we?

My post is all about drugstore products that I have been testing for years and years and has become my favourite and some I have been testing for a couple of weeks and are my favourite so far.
The good news is that they are not only great products but they are so affordable, too!


I have been using for over 6 years. Sometimes I do use other ones, but I do always get back to this one. Leaves my skin not just clean, but incredibly soft. It helps fighting the nasty spots, that sometime I get now and then. Its just amazing and I do highly recommend it to anyone.
I have been using this deep conditioner for quite some time now, and I always get back to it. Has an amazing scent of gum and leaves my hair nourished and shiny. What more could I ask for?
Over the years Nivea has been my love. I love Nivea and always has been. Always leaves my skin soft and clean,has an amazing scent and never let me down. For me Nivea face care has to be my favourite.

Nyx when it comes to makeup its my favourite brand of all. Its affordable, has amazing quality, do what it says on the package. Their lipsticks are amazing, they have an incredible selection of colors. simply amazing

Another amazing product from Nyx. I love this blush, simply because you can use it not only during the day but during the night as well. Has a brown,coral tone to it. Very gorgeous.
This is my favourite drugstore selection, hope you like it, obviously there's more to this, but the post would be too long. This are my main favourite products for sure.
Tell me beauties, what's your drugstore favourite products?


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  1. Oh God, all these products are no on my 'must have' list. These products are so incredibly good for skincare. The list not only covers our day skincare but also our skincare at night. Thank you for sharing such a helpful list.

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