Thursday, 4 May 2017

Maybelline Master Camo Color Correcting Palette

Hi beauties,

About two months ago, I brought the Maybelline Camo Color Correcting Palette. Simply caught my eye, dont know why, probably because, Im a mum, and sometimes my 3 year old son, just dont want to sleep, or because he moves so much on his bed, I can hear every single move he makes and I wake up. So the results of it, are dark circles big time. So because of that, I always wanted a correcting palette, so it would help me look like an human being again, instead of an alien, really! Mums out there you know what im talking about.

First time I applied it I thought to myself " Buh-bye redness and later dark circles", it really covered everything. I was simply amazed by it.
This palette has three easy steps which are, Correct, Conceal and Highlight in one palette, isnt that amazing? 
The benefits that I found on this are, it helps neutralize skin tone issues, conceal imperfections and under eye circles and brighten facial features.

Sometimes dark circles cant be solve with concealer, and that was my problem. I was always using concealer before and after applying foundation, and even though sometimes I could still see the dark circles, so I needed this palette big time. So thankfully Maybellines Master Camo Color Correcting Kit makes it easy to achieve flawless skin perfection in three easy steps.
There are three different colors on this palette Light, Medium and Deep. The one I brought is light, the best one for my skin complexion.

I have used it for the whole day, and surprisingly stayed all day, no lines under the eyes, I was really happy with it. I'm always looking for a good and cheap product which works well on my skin, and this one is definitely a taker for me. 

How to apply:
Before foundation, apply color correcting shades to neutralize tone issues like dark circles or redness. Next, conceal to camouflage imperfections. Last, apply highlighter to enhance features and reveal your complexion perfection! It's so simple, right? and it works wonders.

My overall on this review is, it's worth buying it, It worked for me, very easy to apply, very smooth on skin, not drying at all.
Would I buy it again? Yes, for sure!

Let me know what are your thoughts about this palette, please.
Have you tried it? If not, you should!

Lots of love


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