Monday, 12 June 2017

Simple Acts Of Kidness

Hi Friends!
Hope you're all doing amazing. I haven't done a post in such a while, Sunday done a post which I had all prepared to post it for 4 months, but I was just all over the place, so sorry for that! I've been reading a lot and trying to find my true self. I am enjoying reading books about spiritual believes and it's opening my eyes in such a good way, it's just amazing. I am loving the person who I've become!

Starting this week, I'll be switching things up a bit here on my blog. When I started this blog I had this idea to create a space where we all talk about only Beauty topics. However as time went on I found myself leaning more towards the Lifestyle category. Although I love Beauty, I really wish that I could talk about topics that are dear to my heart and the daily life challenges we face on this earth. So probably I will do Lifestyle blog posts and Beauty as well.. I love talking about things that does happens in my life as a mom and on daily basis, so I will do posts about those aspects as well in future posts.
The books I've been reading has taught me so much about life, I've never imagine I could turn the person I am today.. Probably I was just lost and finally I found myself again.
With that being said, today I,d love to talk about being more kind on social media. Have you ever stopped to think about how rude some ladies are on various social media platforms? I mean, if you take a minute and just read the comments that some women write to other women you'll be quite disgusted. Why does this happen? Most people will say that it's because they're either A. Jealous or B. Simply Rude.
What makes it okay for someone to leave a nasty comment on your picture simply because "that's how they feel"? Since when is it okay to say mean things to others knowing that it will hurt their feelings? Why have women become so childish and competitive? Social media isn't for competition or for showing of. It was created so that you could share things that are special to you with people you care about and to inspire others with your posts. It was created for you to make lifelong friendship. For you to give advice and for encouragement, not hate and ugly comments. Please, think about how your simple kind and loving comments can affect someones day. Nobody wants to be around the sad and mean person. KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS. Your kindness will be recognized and it will encourage someone else to show an act of kindness. Like I always say, if you don't have nice things to say, don't say it at all. 


Love you all


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