Friday, 28 July 2017

Where Have I Been?

Hi everyone,

It's been such a long time, I haven't post anything on my blog! What kind of a blogger am I?
I am going to explain it all here, where have I been..
First of all, I want to thank all my supporters and people who reads my blog and was asking, what happen to me etc. That was really sweet of you and it shows I have people who really like what I do and I feel so much love from you as well.
I have been posting pictures on Instagram and on my Facebook page as well. A couple of you asked me to do some reviews on products I've been posting, some of you tutorials on makeup, and even Nyx asked me to do the same, it's something which is on my mind right now, but I will think about it more, because I'm very shy on doing it, so I don't know.. What do you think??

Last year in September, I had an emergency surgery on my groin, I've had an hernia since my oldest son was born, he's 9 years old, yes I know, such a long time. 
One day, I woke up in pain, so in one week went to A&E four times, they sent me home like, I had nothing, till one day I saw my GP and they sent me to have the surgery on the same day. The doctors at the A&E, said I had an infection, I had this and that, apart from the hernia. When they found out about the hernia being there for such a long time, they congratulate me for being alive. Literally, you can die from an hernia, so like they say "It was a miracle!"
It was really hard afterwards, but I managed myself pretty well.

So a few weeks after surgery I felt a lump on my groin again, went to the GP. They told me that the hernia came back again. I couldn't believe it, I had to go through it all again.

Had a scan booked, and a doctors appointment booked after the scan.. One month went by, and finally it was my scan day due.. The nurse called me, went inside, the minute she was doing the scan, she told me " Are you sure you've done surgery on your groin?" I said " Yes, I've done it, I do have a scar there, why?" " because it looks like, they've opened you, but haven't done anything".
Everything dropped, I couldn't believe it. So after a week went to see the doctor, he examined me, and told me " You have to go to the hospital now" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
So rushed home quickly, packed my bag and went. When I left home, I just wanted to cry, I didn't even say goodbye to my oldest son, which, I left him in school and I knew he was going to ask for me.

Got to A&E the wait was crazy, I need a paper to give it to the secretary at A&E, but I had nothing, so had to wait like everyone else. Had no food since 9.30h in the morning, and it was 3h when my fiancé left with my youngest to get our oldest son from school. Stayed by myself, had to ask for Paracetamol for the pain I was in, and fluids because, I was about to pass out.

Around 4.30h they sent me to a room, and waited for the doctor to call me for surgery. Waited and waited and finally the doctor came. He said I wasn't going to have the surgery that day, only the next day. Got very upset, because I was rushed to the hospital, waited god knows how long, for the doctor to tell me, I was going under surgery the next day. First thing I asked was " Am I aloud to eat now?" Lol I was so hungry..

Anyways, the night went by and the day was here, I got all prepared. My fiancé and my youngest came to see me at the hospital in the morning, and they went with me to the surgery room. After leaving my youngest hand, I cried like a baby. Who wouldn't.

So got my anaesthesia on my veins, and after that bang went to sleep, can't remember anything afterwards. After 5 hours, I woke up so dizzy and so sick, but they had to give me medication for the sickness, because I couldn't vomit. I couldn't do any heavy movements, because I had a key hole surgery, which is 3 holes on my tummy, camera and tools inserted inside and job done.

After about 30 minutes, I went back to my room, very sore, in so much pain. Couldn't go to the toilet for a while, couldn't even walk.
Was horrible really!!
Next day went back home, couldn't do anything. Every time I wanted to cough I had to drink water, so I couldn't do it otherwise, I was in so much pain. Sneezing was horrible as well, just tried everything not to, but sometimes was impossible. Every time that happened I cried and cried with pain.

So here is my sad story, with a happy ending. I had no motivation whatsoever to do any posts. I am so sorry for that and I promise I won't stay for too long without any post.

I am just a mum, so sometimes it's hard to keep up with everything, but I will try my best anyways. 

Want to say thank you for all my Instagram friends, who messaged me. There are a lot of good people still in this world. Thank you once again.

God bless you all



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