Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Review: 3Ina Makeup

Hi lovelies, 
As you can see on my Instagram account, I've been interacting with you more, I've been posting a lot as well. And I'm loving it.
I receive amazing comments which keeps me going on everyday. Believe it or not, every time I want to give up for some reason, there's always something good that makes me not giving up. Either a collaboration, free products for reviews or even your comments. 
I've been thinking a lot making videos, small video tutorials on Instagram first and then who knows YouTube one day. I do have several people on my family telling me to do it, because I was born to do this, and followers as well ask me to do tutorials on makeup I post and even some brands as well, like Nyx Cosmetics.

Anyways, just wanted to thank you all for the support you've been given me.
About two weeks ago, I got an email from a company called 3ina makeup. Never heard it before, so I looked up on the internet and its a Spanish brand, who wanted to send me out some of their best sellers. I could not believe what I was reading, and at that time I wanted to give up Instagram and my blog.
So last week received 3 products, a beautiful highlighter, a gorgeous lipstick and an amazing eyeshadow. I've been taking pictures with the highlighter and the lipstick and posting on Instagram and on my Facebook page.
They have their own page in UK, the products are reasonable so anyone can get it.
Believe it or not, I just received the products, but nothing in exchange, so this review that Im doing, its because I want to do, not because they asked me to do it.
The Highlighter 201

Amazing golden colour, very shimmer, perfect for the summer for sure.
Very easy to apply, and stays all day long on the face without applying any setting spray.
Its cruelty free which is a must for me, anything to help the poor animals who suffers because of us.
Paraben free and vegan, no harsh chemicals again another bonus.  
This gorgeous highlighter retails £10.95 very reasonable, and I would purchase for sure

"A flashbulb for your skin, this special highlighting powder leaves you looking lit from within. Use The Blush Brush to stroke over cheekbones and temples or simply use your fingers to dust over eyelids or the Cupid's bow. Brush it over collarbones and shoulders to add radiance when wearing a strapless top. Warning: this glow is major!" They are so right the glow is major!

The Logwear Lipstick

Gorgeous lipstick, I got the colour 503, which is a dust rose, beautiful colour. Goes well with every skin colour. Very smooth, does not dry the lips and it really is long wear like it states to be.
Once you apply it its a bit shimmer, but then becomes matte. It really is a beautiful colour.
Retails £7.95 again very reasonable price, anyone can buy it, and its worth the money.
Paraben free and Cruelty free

"Designed for those who love the application of a lip gloss but want the color payoff of a longwear lipstick. Once on the lips, the gloss becomes an opaque matte lipstick that won't budge. Apply one coat over a base of lip liner, starting at the Cupid's bow and working outwards." 
The Cream Eyeshadow

Another amazing product from 3ina makeup. They sent me the colour 312 which is a beautiful Rose Gold colour. Again, once applied stays for a very long time, does not transfer, because its a waterproof eyeshadow. Has a gorgeous shimmer to it. Gorgeous for a night out.
Paraben free and Cruelty free.
Retails £8.95

"A long lasting eyeshadow for intense, shimmery magnetic color for all day wear. Waterproof."
The eyeshadows lasts a very long time on the lid. Normally people complain about shimmer eyeshadows because it smudges, but this one I guarantee to you it really doesn't. It really is waterproof like it states on their website. The lipstick has amazing colours chart, the one they sent me out its gorgeous and it really goes with my skin tone. The highlighter what can I say? Its something that I really love, to be honest lost the count of how many highlighters do I own, but its something that I love, so its ok!
I do recommend this products for sure, its for everybody's pocket, so the damage wont be major.

Hope you liked my review on this 3 amazing makeup products from 3ina makeup.

Leave your comments or feel free to ask anything.




  1. I'm really happy to see more and more reviews about 3ina makeup since I think it's an amazing brand. Brand new but too underrated still. Hope it'll grow and grow ! ��
    I've got all the cream eyeshadows and I'm in love with them ! Mostly the dark and bright shades because they're so unlike anything I've ever had in those shades ! Also got a fair few of their liquid matte lipsticks and God, I love how they don't budge or smudge or anything. They're such an amazing quality ! It's incredible !
    I've placed an order on their website this morning and I've ordered their pink higlighter, I'm waiting to get my hands on it finally ! �� I'm crazy about this brand. I think your blog is really pretty too - Those pics you did are great. Keep outdoing yourself girl ! ������
    Tissam | Tissam Est La

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